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Jerry Adder

Jerry Adder is unique in Danish contemporary art born in 1958 in Copenhagen. His sculptures contain an expressive violence in the struggle for redemption. The inner conflict of humans is brought to light and made tangible in the figurative form of the naked body which, in an often restricted space, reflects a world of chaos, inferno, evil, passion, erotica and love. That which is difficult to describe with words is described with form – words turn into flesh – in the shape of smooth, polished white bodies, carved in Greek and Italian marble. The sculptures are carved in a very direct work form without sketches or models. They appear during the actual carving process. As in an archaeological process, fossil creatures are discovered. With traces pointing back towards the late Italian renaissance a contemporary sensuous expression is explored. In 2007 he won the Medici Award at The Biennale in Florence.

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