Floriano Bodini

1933-2005  Italian Sculptor
Floriano Bodini was born in Gemonio (Varese) in 1933. After specializing in art subjects in secondary school, he attended the Accademy of Brera, guided by Francesco Messina. In the middle of 1950, with Guerreschi, Vaglieri, Romagnoni, Ceretti, Ferroni and Banchieri, he was a member took of the Milanese group of young artists, called Essential Realism. His works express the uneasiness and the anxiety of existence, particularly in his portraits, which are daily news of great expressive power and drama. Since his debut he has been participating to very important public art exhibitions, in Milan, Rome, New York, Pittsburgh, Hamburg, Lisbon, Madrid, Cologne, Hannover, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Bonn, Antwerp, Darmstadt.

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