Samuel Boulesteix

Over the past ten years, I have had the opportunity to follow the realisation of numerous of my bronze pieces throughout the process of artistic foundry. Each time, I am marvelled by the confident and mastered, yet clever and adventurous manipulations of the metal smith, with his keen eye and skilled hand. After many rigorous stages prior to the final phaseof the finish; a not less decisive moment, where, together, we delve haphazardly into hues, tones, impurities, transparencies and other investigations of harmony. At this moment, when a balance in values has been achieved, creative tensions are at last appeased. Slowly but surely, this process began to inspire me to explore the possibilities of bronze independently, with an entirely different approach and with a completely different medium, more familiar to me; resin. Those of you who know me since my beginnings will recall the time, from 1994 to 2003, when I worked for Skull-t. During this time, I created over 80 pieces for the enterprise. Upon their closure, I packed these sculptures away in boxes, choosing to dedicate myself completely to sculpture for comic strips. The endless possibilities with resin, as well as your numerous requests, have convinced me to un-pack a few of these boxes and revive some of my old sculptures. I am an french autodidact sculptor, since 1992. I am 38 years old.

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