Luigi (Luiz) Brizzolara

  Italian Sculptor
Luigi Brizzolara 1868 - 1937 He started very young in the art of sculpture, going to Genoa to study with the approximate age of twenty, when he enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts Linguistics . It was the favorite pupil of the sculptor G. Scanzi , in whose studio produced the statue of Ishmael Dying (location unknown), which was awarded a silver medal in Colombia shows Genoa ( 1892 ). Soon afterwards he was the winner for the tomb of GB Castagnola , for which he produced a high-relief entitled "Vision of Christ" in the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno , space par excellence of the haute bourgeoisie of Genoa. Tomb by Luigi Brizzolara - Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno Produced numerous funerary monuments like the tomb-Risso Zerega, Staglieno cemetery in the votive chapel altar to commemorate the end of World War I , in the cemetery of Genoa Sampierdarena , and the monument to Emanuel Gonzales , in the cemetery of Chiavari , and also pictures as the bust of Paolo Giacometti , 1916 , Genoa "Vilette di Negro" bust Lavarello Elia , Genoa, Villa Lavarello . In the year 1898 held Brizzolara monument to Victor Emmanuel II , the Square of Our Lady of the Garden in Chiavari. Working hard in your area, performed several statues, including those for the Church of St. John the Baptist , the prophets Isaiah and Malachi (Chapel of the Crucifix), of St. John and St. Mark , which were placed on the facade restored. Monument to Victor Emanuel II - Chiavari He married Mary Ranzini on November 19th of 1904 in Genoa (more information on Wikipedia)

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