MichelAngelo BuonaRoti

I'm a 50-year-old guy, born in Rio de Janeiro. In my youth, when I was passionately immersed in the world of surfing, a weird event brought to my consciousness the innermost dimensions of myself. It was the summer of 1979. In the early 80's, after some supernatural experiences, my childish cartoon-like drawings changed very fast, in a very strange way. Suddenly I found that my hand had acquired the uncanny ability to create Renaissence-like human figures and everyone noticed in my drawings the style of Michelangelo. But surfing was my world and I had no intention to change my way of living. But the year of 1983 started with one of the most supernatural experiences of my life: the remembering of Vittoria Colonna's death. My life turned upside down and a shocking conclusion rose: I am Michelangelo himself. A huge search for a physical proof of being a master of past was made on a wood structure. 3D qualities defining my identity with Michelangelo was found. In 2008, I decided to follow spiritual demands from the past in order to fix my life. My mind's name, Eurico Poggi, cannot be used to sign anything expressed by my soul.

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