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Maxwell Carraher

Maxwell Ivan Carraher is a native of Los Angeles who has been sculpting for most of his life. He has absolutely no formal training but has managed to captivate with his uncanny ability to create and disseminate through the human form. Maxwells sculptures strive to enlighten intrinsic ideas and fundamental emotions that occur inside all people. To me the quality of art is determined by its ability to communicate an idea. Large or small, simple or complex, it doesnt matter as long as the communication is there. When it comes to my work I try to apply this idea. I want my sculpture to clearly say something to the viewer that acknowledges their personal reality, something they see in my art that mirrors something within themselves. Maybe its an experience they had or an idea they hold dear, whatever the point of reality may be I want my artwork to connect with that and duplicate it. Un-intentionally I often find the communication that I am placing in my sculpture is one of hope, breaking bounds and becoming better. This just seems to be the communication that inspires me to create.I feel that those ideas are universal and no matter the person, everyone has felt the need for hope, or the desire to break free and improve. These are the types of natural urges that make mankind worthwhile.My art exists to acknowledge and strengthen these ideas and all of the successes and hardships that come with them.

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