Tom Danahy

Born on Long Island New York and growing up on the East Coast, at an early age I was fascinated by marble sculpture. I determined I wanted to do that too, and at seven, began trying to carve pieces of wood with a pen knife, since as a child of a working class family, my parents could not afford lessons or marble. Due to fortunate circumstances, I was able to see many works of art and carved furniture and sculpture on the great estates in the Long Island/New York City area and these would have profound influence on my tastes and appreciation for carving and sculpting. I worked exclusively in wood until many of my fellow sculptors suggested I take one of my pieces to bronze. Going from a carved piece to bronze was not easy, but I liked the bronze that resulted. Consequently I also began working in clay to bronze. I alternate between bronze and wood as this gives me lots of freedom and each medium complements the other, thereby broadening my skill and experience. I am influenced predominately by the Renaissance and the Baroque periods of European carving and sculpting and the classic style of those periods.

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