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Mick Davis

Irish artist Mick Davis lives and works near Dingle, County Kerry. Mick is a sculptor that worked primarily with stone. As an enthusiastic cyclist he was aware of the issue of disposing of old bicycle tyres. In April 2014 he began experimenting, creating sculpture from old tyres. There was a clear objective to his work to address the important environmental issue of Recycling, by turning waste products into objects of Art.
He studied art at the College of Marketing and Design, in Dublin and Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art,Design and Technology. His aesthetic interest in the human form led him on a path towards sculpture. Mick worked primarily with stone up until April 2014. His work includes portraits and abstract pieces and can be found in private collections throughout Ireland, the U.S and Europe.
This is a highly unusual and unique art form that Mick Davis has made his own and is quickly gaining in popularity. Mick uses a range of tyres and finds that although the material is flexible, it is also highly durable. It is Micks hope is that through his sculpture he can showcase an alternative way of thinking when it comes to recycling tyres.

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