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Daniel Gamelas

Daniel Gamelas is a sculptor and drawing teacher that Works in Porto, Portugal.
He graduated in Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto and is holder of an MFA at the New York Academy of Art, where he saw his work being distinguished by The Complete Sculptor Award for Excellence in Sculpture.
His Sculptures explore the relationships between the body, origins and mythology. He has integrated several individual and group shows, in Portugal, Spain and New York, from where its possible to give emphasis to the Works Origins, Domains, and Matriarchal Ceremonies for the worship of the most ancient deities of "Cabeo das Frguas": Trebopala, Laebo, Trebaruna.
He is a founding member of AARP (Oporto Atelier of Realist Art, being responsible for the drawing program). His courses are based on the academic tradition of figurative representation.
Alongside his career as a sculptor he is also a Drawing teacher at the Catholic University in Viseu.

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