Shohini Ghosh

I am a Denver based sculptor originally from India. I have been sculpting from 1991 after graduating from the renowned Sir J.J. School of art in Mumbai, India. I have taught as a Lecturer in the same college for 4 years. Denver is my home and creative space. The years of sculpting and drawing from my environment and experiences spanning 2 vastly different continents has nurtured and developed my essence of art into a cosmopolitan view of the world and an eclectic approach artistic expression. I create sculptures and murals of various sizes for commissions and exhibitions. I would describe my work as a figurative, stylistic representation of fun.
I am captivated by the human reaction and action on common life moments and authentic emotions.
Intrigued, I use the human body to express and create physical images as a metaphor for the language of the soul (life-force), The illustration of our uniqueness as a human race, our quest to build families, communities and societies that define our existence. Yet that is exactly what my work is all aboutAn individual quest to record the most precious moments in the spectrum of human emotion and interaction.
I enjoy monumental sculptures as they bring art to the public where the public art enhances the human experience and creates value in the community. My public art sculptures and murals take on a life of its own and create a rapport with the viewers. I have often received anecdotes from the public viewers on their experience with my works.
I usually exhibit my sculptures and murals in galleries as well as in art festivals in and around Colorado, New Mexico and San Francisco. I also enjoy creating Public Art. I desire to have at least one public art Sculpture in each of the 52 states in the country. Public art is a very effective city development tool that has gained momentum throughout the country in the last 15 years. I was invited for the 12th China, Changchun international sculpture Symposium in China in 2011, To create a monumental size of my sculpture Class Act permanently installed in Changchun International Sculpture Park. 2012 I was invited back to Changchun for the 2nd International Ceramic symposium.
History proves that public art has a very effective nature towards city development and community pride.
As an artist I believe that art and the skill of human craftsmanship is still a very precious commodity in a plastic, digital and virtual world.
Currently, my artwork is being carried by Achieves for Women Artists in Washington DC;Art-exchange.com;Transcendence Design; International Sculpture Center Washington DC;Stanford WhosWho;AIESM.com;Publicart.org;National Sculpture Center.com
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