Maria Isabel Gonzalez

Maria Isabel Gonzalez was born in Bogota (Colombia) and raised in Spain. She studied 4 years of Journalism in Navarras University. After 2 years of working as a journalist she decided to start her art career studing the great masters of sculpture , visiting some artists studios and learning drawing.

Her first human figure bronze called Disenchantment which belongs to her first stage called LIFE MOMENTS was exhibited at Dinners Gallery art, one of the most important art galleries in Bogota in 1990. Her second series untitled 500 YEARS OF INDIFERENCE is about Colombian violence in which it should be pointed out two pieces: Land mine which was sold at auction at Club del Nogal with another art pieces from the greatest art Colombian masters such as Obregon, Villamizar, Negret among others; and the sculpture entitled 500 years of indifference which gain the sculptors price at the Rotaries Club in the World Trade Center.

During 2007 she worked on her series LIFE AS A CARNIVAL in which she made an approach to abstraction of the human figure, relevant pieces of this stage are Ecstasy and Demagog which are now in an art collectors house in Manhatan. Since 2000 she has joined 13 group exhibits and 12 solo exhibits in Colombia, Europe and USA. Her work comes from a deep passion for nature and a social denounce of corruption and injustice in Colombia. She is continuously searching for different elements from bronze through resins, still sheets to express her ideas, and nowadays aluminum sheets to express the lightness and the color of the nature, specially the birds and subjects related to deforestation.

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