Philip Hanna

Philip Hanna has spent the last thirty-two years working as an engineer. Twelve years ago he decided to follow in the footsteps of his artist father, Boyd Hanna. Boyd was a well-known wood engraving artist whose prints are owned by such prestigious institutions as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Library of Congress and the Boston Library. The tactile sensation of working in clay, motivated Philip to attempt sculpture. He started with a class in clay portrait and figure sculpture. After nine years experimenting in a variety of clay sculpture, Philip had the opportunity to work part time in the Georgia Gerber Bronze Foundry on Whidbey Island. There he learned the process of molding his clay sculpture, pouring waxes, plaster investment, pouring bronze, welding, metal chasing, sand blasting and finally patination. Bronze casting has provided Philip with a beautiful and more permanent means of capturing his artistic expression.

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