Zoran Ivanovic

Born in 1967. Graduated at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 1992. Since 1991. he has received highest awards in Yugoslav and Serbian competitions, and has authored some of most significant national monuments. He created the monument to the eminent Serbian comedy playwright Branislav Nusic at the Republika Square in Belgrade, monument to Serbia's greatest politician Nikola Pasic in front of the Federal Parliament, equestrian sculpture to king Alexandar I Karadjordjevic in Nis, monument to despot Stefan Lazarevic in Despotovac etc. As a sculptor, he seeks for artistic values and monumental forms by following formulas set by Polycletus, Michelangelo, Bernini, Rodin and Mestrovic. He links the ideas of Antique beauty with individuality, authenticity and character into a convincing sculptural unit. His main subjects of interest are human figure and portrait, and lately, horses. Lives in Belgrade and teaches at the Faculty of Applied Arts.

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