Jeff Jolly

Good art will stop you, make you ponder the meaning, and will give you joy of the sight of it. But Great Art will take your breath away and the only thing you can say is wow. Great Art connects with your soul.
To be able to create great art you must have experienced great sorrows and joys. I have worked in medicine for 30 years and that is the inspiration for my art. I have held the baby when it has taken its first breath of life and I have had to tell a beloved patient that they dont have many days left.
Because of these events I have search my soul for ways to comfort my patients who are dealing with diagnosis of cancer or MS. What came out of that was to created bronze sculpture called the The Tree of Life. My patients will often read the analogy and find some comfort there.
Finding a reason to celebrate the things we have in common instead of focusing on our differences is the background behind the World Music sculpture. Is this great art, no it is not but I am hoping that it will connect with your soul. The sculptures and or printed images of the sculpture are for sale. I hope you will consider purchasing one of them because that income allows me to create more pieces. But if not then I hope that you will find enjoyment and maybe some comfort in seeing them.

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