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Dan Lake

Sculptor Dan Lake was born in 1952 in Bucharest, Romania .....
From the age of 16 years he is devoting himself obsessively to sculpture , with devouring desire to express his inner turmoil through visual images, in a poetical idiom.
Between 1975-1981 he had a series of exhibitions in Romania and after 1983 in Australia, Austria , France .....
With his manual dexterity and love of classical sculpture, he represents the human figure, sometimes using greek and roman mythology, in classical realistic way .....
The art of portret is not to be ignored , representing all ages in various materials ........
An inveterate romantic , a witty man with deep eyes , a mischievous shade of green, and warm voice, can express his romantic moods in love poetry with melancholic shadows ...
With an enviable memory , can easily recite from classics and old ballads and when the Muse of poetry visits him, reluctantly downs tools and puts pen on paper ..

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