Ama Menec

My human figurative sculptures reflect a 30-year fascination with our earliest pre-history. I am inspired by Archaic Greek stone sculpture, the marking, corrosion and weathering of artefacts over time, and an appreciation of the fuller female form. I hope to widen the appreciation of archaic sculptures of women by re-interpreting them for the modern world. My natural history sculptures focus primarily on endangered British animals or those that have made a come back. I am passionate about the need for wilderness and the plight of Britains endangered animals. I am influenced by early 20th century stone carving, particularly Art Deco, the qualities of line and use of negative spaces, but coupled with the colour only really possible in 3D with ceramics and with patinated bronze. My wall hanging bas reliefs are often inspired by wood cut and lino print composition combined with architectural stone carving techniques. My current work is an exploration of bird life, principally of raptors, in full three dimensions, in ceramic and bronze. I work in partnership with several local bird of prey centres. My studio is open to the public Mon- Sat and I welcome visitors.

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