Daniel Myers

Dan Myers is a native Kansan, who has resided in Quincy, Massachusetts, for nearly 40 years. He is a distinguished teacher of portrait and figure sculpture at the Quincy Art Association, and an associate member of the National Sculpture Society. Dans passion is portraying the human figure, his exclusive subject.
He has the unique distinction of producing award-winning art in three different media: Drawing (charcoal and pastel), Painting (oil), and Sculpture (both terracotta and plastilina).
Dans favorite medium is sculpture. His figures can range from nude athletes, dancers, and allegorical figures to poignant portraits of parent and child.
His signature painting style usually combines a famous painting (in miniature) within the context of the larger painting. He has incorporated miniature paintings of Gauguin, Waterhouse, and Klimt in many of his figure paintings. Many of his figure drawings and paintings are directly related to his sculpture.

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