Neelkanti Patekar

ARTISTs STATEMENT: By Neelkanti Patekar

I am a ceramic sculptor, a Self Taught one. It came very naturally to me. Touching clay gives me immense satisfaction & somehow the sculpture happens. While I am wedging the clay, it seems a thought prompts me what to make & how am I going to initiate it once it begins, it shapes on its own, I am in a trance.. hardly speak to anyone or even respond to what others are talking there is an inherent alignment of my senses & the clay I am shaping this continues till I complete the sculpture
I have not attended any school or workshop to learn sculpting it just happened one day & I continued
What came out of the kiln was amazing stuff even my near & dear ones also could not imagine that this is what would they see when I invited them to see my work.
Now my relation with the soil is it wants me to shape it into my creative ideas so its going to be an uninterrupted affair.
I began working in Dec. 2012, & continued working till date
An overwhelming response of people known & unknown is prompting me to have an exhibition. A few galleries have approached me already. So I will be having one soon.
I like to work on Concepts Expressions . Thoughts What I believe in is my sculpture happens when clay & creativity combine. A thought when it first strikes gets mature slowly its an unaware process happening within when it is totally ripe.. I cant keep myself away from clay I have to make it. .

: Nehru Center Art Gallerys ART FUSION SHOW 2014
: Nehru Center Art Gallerys CHATAK 2014
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