Sabin Howard

A conductor of universal energy, sculptor Sabin Howard taps into the source to create works of shocking beauty. These modern classical bronzes confirm Mr. Howard as a master of 21st-century figurative sculpture and illuminates why classicism and its embrace of the human body endures so powerfully. Bucking the trends and banking on beauty, Mr. Howard's aesthetic, both minimalist and sumptuous, is rich with timeless appeal and harmony, conjuring an uplifting alchemy that transforms the viewer with the art of possibility and spirit.
Sabin Howard grew up surrounded by the visual splendor of Italy and the urban hotbed of New York City in the 60's and 70's. This dual upbringing is the basis of his vision to create classical art with a modern vision of self expression. The result is an art that is unique and individual to the artist's experience and universal in it's narration of the visual themes. The New York Times wrote : "Sabin Howard, a sculptor of immense talent, has created some of the last decade's most substantive realistic sculpture. When viewing his works, visitors may be reminded of the time when Donatello and Rodin walked the earth."
After twenty eight years of practicing art and over 40,000 hours of sculpting from life, Howard creates a shift in the art world with his revolutionary vision challenging what is possible today.
Sabin Howard New York, New York, USA www.sabinhoward.com

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