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Helaine Schneider

The law of Polarity states that in the duality that exists there are two poles, or opposites of everything. My sculptures represent my perception of moments in time in my life, the duality that exists within me and my constant aim for balance.
My vision as an artist is to continuously feel inspired and challenged by what I am working on. I pride myself on recognizing the possibilities inherent in personal growth and I consistently move towards expansion both technically and emotionally. Being an artist is an inside job for me. While the outside world plays a part in the process of creation I invariably look inward for inspiration and guidance towards the next step. The joy is in the evolution of an idea and how it eventually translates into form. Everything is a process and it is the movement that is the significant aspect of the creative journey for me. I take small steps each day. While having a finished product is satisfying I find the journey to be the most fulfilling part of the process, including all of the knowledge and experience I gain along the way.

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