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Sandra J. Shaw

Sandra Shaw's sculpture is distinguished by her vision of mans heroic potential and her view that man is a unity of intellect and body. Her works also demonstrate her commitment to direct observation of nature as the basis for her art. Her repertory is diverse, including animal art and portraiture, in addition to the human figure, draped or nude. She has sculpted the figure since 1981 and cast in bronze since 1985. She began her career sculpting a series of life-size figures for permanent display at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto. She went on to receive formal instruction in life-drawing with Canadian painter Dwayne Harty; and life-drawing and sculpture under sculptor Anthony Antonios at the National Academy, New York City. Ms. Shaw personally refinishes her original bronzes, over 200 of which are privately owned throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in England, Australia, Bermuda, Singapore. Her works are also held in several museums and private institutions. She shows throughout North America at venues that emphasize the human figure. She continues to advance her knowledge through study of the figure and of Master works worldwide. Beyond the on-going media coverage of her works, her portrait of Michelangelo is featured in a history textbook. Recently she has completed the Portrait Bust of Ayn Rand for permanent installation at the Ayn Rand Institute in Irvine, California. Ms. Shaw is also authoring an art history textbook. Her professional memberships include the National Sculpture Society and the California Art Club. She is recipient of the coveted Leonard J. Meiselman Award for Best Classical Figure at the NSS Annual Exhibition. Other awards include the National Academy's Lucrezia Bori Award and the Elliot Liskin Award for Sculpture, The Hudson Valley Art Association.

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