Paul Troubetzkoy

1866-1938   Russian Sculptor
He worked in Russia, America, England and Italy. He was a self taught artist, although he learned sculpture from Giuseppe Grandi. He is associated with impressionism, due to his ability to grasp sketchy movements in his bronze works. He portraited the society of the Belle Epoque. Few of his bronzes are still available in the market. Quite famous is the 35 cm high portrait of Costance Stewart Richardson called "The Dancer". The largest and best known of his works is the monumental equestrian statue[1] of the Russian Tsar Alexander III in St. Petersburg, Russia. The monument was opened in 1909 on the Nevsky Prospekt near the Moskovsky Vokzal terminal. After the Russian revolution of 1917, the Soviet government removed the monument from the main street to the backyard of the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the monument to Tsar Alexander III was placed in front of the Marble Palace near the embankment of the Neva river.

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