Yossi Vardan

Vardan is a third generation sculptor, who graduated with an MFA from the Academy of Industrial and Fine Arts in Russia, and is currently working on his PhD dedicated to Cappella Sistina. In 1997, after living through the turmoil of two wars in his home land Chechnya,Vardan was forced to leave the Soviet Union and fled to the United States due to the several factors and one of them was his Jewish-Armenian ancestry. He comes from the one of the prominent Armenian dynasties of Karabach, the dynasty of Melik Egan, the son of the Catholicos Gukas the First Garnetzy, house of Cilicia(1731-1737). His family roots began during the Second Jerusalem Temple, when in the First century of BC, his and several other noble families of Jerusalem were invited to move to Armenia by the Emperior Tigranes theGreat.

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