David Varnau

David Varnaus lifelong love of classical sculpture began during his college junior year abroad in Rome. Then, in his prosthetics training, David gained an in-depth education in human anatomy. That, together with his interactions with his patients over the course of 35 years, provided him with an eye not only for the wonders of the human body, but also a heart to be inspired by the person before him. This was his milieu and it stimulated his yearning to express his insights in sculpture, leading David to pursue his art studies at Gage Academy in Seattle. Thus, in sculpting, he discovered an avenue for celebrating the human form.

When one views his works, it is apparent that Varnaus figures are carefully sculpted to create a somewhat abstracted rendering of the human form. A hallmark of Davids style is his highlighting the natural planes of the body in order to dramatize the bodys innate energy while, at the same time, create eye-tugging interest. His insightful works confidently derive their aliveness from the understated, even contemplative mood they each evoke. Their poignancy lies in Davids stunning accuracy and the powerful vibrancy with which his works express the truths of our human condition.

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