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Interesting find

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Re: Interesting find

Postby Randall » Wed Jul 10, 2013 8:25 pm

jhonmartin374 wrote:The fact they are copies/knock-offs of 19th century works, most likely not even directly copied via a mold but by photos as an "after," these are very heavy, good quality pieces that seriously compete with the better bronzes of this size/type I've seen.

Out of interest Randall are the pieces solid or hollow?

I bought two more large pieces in the same price range and they should arrive Friday. They all seem to be reproductions of classical works, the usual copies of Mene, Barye and others, but these are definitely above caliber in quality over the others I see around, and especially the patina is a real good, dark traditional nut brown.

I happened to see your post by accident, I have not posted here after Feb 2012 since this forum is unfortunately pretty dead and I moved on. To answer your questions- they are hollow, on a real marble base.
I love how those are usually advertised "signed by mene" etc but making a mold of a piece with a signature is hardly "signed" and most of those Mene/Barye bronze knock-offs are horrible, the ones I show here are very good quality.
Did you buy from the same seller I did on Ebay? the lady uses the same fancy background painting and mantle setup for all her pictures hahah.
Mine came extremely well packed, and I believe she hinted they come from a foundry in Mexico.
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