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A new podcast for figurative sculptors, hosted by a sculptor

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A new podcast for figurative sculptors, hosted by a sculptor

Postby arklenaut » Sat Oct 11, 2014 6:39 am

Hi everyone,

For a few years I have been waiting for someone to make a podcast about figurative sculpture, and I got tired of waiting, so I doing one myself. The first episode is out now, the second one will be released tomorrow and I hope to have it continue to be a weekly podcast. It's called The sculptor's Funeral, and you can find it on iTunes, Stitcher, and at my website, http://www.thesculptorsfuneral.com.

But more than just spread the word about it, I would like some feedback on it as it moves forward. I want to make it the sort of podcast you would want to listen to; so what do you want to hear about? I will be doing episdoes on art history, technical processes, interviews, etc. and would love input on what I've done, and what you would like me to do.

Feel free to contact me here, or at thesculptorsfuneral@gmail.com, or through the podcast's website, http://www.thesculptorsfuneral.com.
Thanks everyone!

Jason Arkles
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