Nicolas Viry

NICOLAS VIRY was born in Tarbes, France, in 1973. Before a passion for sculpture and go for it at Carrara school of marble, Nicolas worked as a cabinetmaker. In 2004 and 2005, Eause, France, he participated in his first group exhibition and Art Meet. In September 2005 he was in Carrara, where he attended the school of Tacca''marble.''He then worked in the Statuaria Arte, where he made a Madonna, marble two feet high, in the hospital for the Fathers of Camilliani Lotung, Taiwan. Soon after he carried out another life-size, always the same country. In 2007 he participated in the group exhibition Sculpture on display at Carrara, the Second International Symposium of Sculpture in Mashta Helou, Syria, and the Third Symposium of Sculpture of the Island of Elba in Tuscany. Meanwhile he worked in several workshops in Carrara and Pietrasanta, performing works of different types: portraits, bas-reliefs, religious subjects, figurative sculptures.

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