Maria Wickwire

I work with the most elemental of materials: clay, story, and human form. Clay is the oldest material we humans have used to express ourselves. Only our stories are older. And even before we began to tell our stories, there were our bodies, standing as witnesses to our lives and recording every experience in their cells, the way the rings of a tree record its life.

As I start to play with the clay, I watch as the sculpture takes shape in my hands, intuitively responding to her and even being guided by her. As she emerges, I am simply a conduit that allows her to step forth to tell her story. The process of making sculpture is, for me, a creative journey, a quest for discovering the stories that bring meaning to life. Once the sculpture is finished, I must listen until her story and her name reveal themselves. Sometimes a sculpture will wait for a long time until I am led to the story she came to tell. I am always amazed that the talesdiscovered through this process, have been told in cultures all over the world, separated by time and geography, archetypes common to people everywhere.

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