Raymonde Zlotnikoff

2010 Gold Medal Award Winner at the Bondy International Arts Exposition, Paris France. Raymonde Zlotnikoff is a Paris-Born artist, who now lives and sculpts in Madera Canyon, Arizona in the Sonoran desert near Mexico, as well as at her atelier at Chateauneuf-sur-Loire, France where she also conducts workshop intensives in English for aspiring American Sculptors. In the timeless traditions of classic figurative sculpture, her work expresses the strength and beauty of the human body. She presents the female nude not as a carnal object, but as a proud balance of feminine sense and sensuality; beauty and grace. Raymonde Zlotnikoff has sought out great teacher throughout the world. Formerly living in Washington, DC, she studied sculpture with JayHall Carpenter, the master sculptor who created the neo-gothic gargoyles at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC.; with GuyZoller of AmericanUniversity - Washington, DC; and with the Albanian figurative sculptor Kreshni kXhiku. Most recently, she studied figurative sculpture in France with Martine Vaugel, the internationally acclaimed sculptor and winner of two awards in the International Rodin Grand Prize for Monumental Figure Competition.

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