Eligibility: All figurative sculptors are welcome. "Figurative sculpture" describes artworks which are clearly derived from real object sources, and are therefore by definition representational. "Wikipedia"

  • Contemporary Sculptors category:       All figurative sculptors are welcome here,  professional and amateur.  There is no selection process. We are happy to add your work to this site and promote your internet presence.  As your work changes it is one of our goals to revise your "mini" website as often as is needed.

  • Portrait Sculptors category:      This section is designed for easy access for those individuals seeking portraiture.  To be in this category you should have at least six portraits to show as examples of your work.  If you also do figurative work you will be included in both categories

  • Emeritus Sculptors category:      This is open to all senior sculptors who are being recognized as having a lifetime of accomplishment.

  • Latest work category:      This is open to all works completed within the last year and images are rotated periodically.

  • Silent Masters category:      This category honors those sculptors from the 1800's up to the present who have gone on before us and upon whose shoulders we stand. We really need your help.   There are so many.  If you can take the time and submit the photos and bio information this will greatly speed up the process.  Our goal is to become a on-line reference for figurative sculpture.


Accessibility.    The main theme here is to allow a viewer to quickly scan six works, 130px x 130px, from each sculptor. This we determined was  the optimal number and size to give a viewer a sense of what your work was about.  From there the viewer can go into your "mini" website and see  6 or more works by you and a brief bio.  From there the viewer can go to your website, facebook, flickr, photobucket or email you directly.   The site has been designed in layers, to bring your audience i.e. those sculpture lovers, curators, gallery owners and customers  who like what you do.....to you.  By participating you will get thousands of viewers looking at your work.

Costs.    -There are no costs involved.  This is a labor of love but eventually we will look for support through grants and advertising revenue to become self sustaining.

Search engine optimization.    -This was the problem that prompted this effort.  If you google "figurative sculpture" you  will get sculptors spread out over thousands of hits.  We intend through SEO and google "ad words" to go to the top of any search list for figurative sculpture. We think this will generate millions of hits per year.


  • Photos of work.      (Click here to see an example)
  • - 6 photos of your work, we can work with any size and most formats but it is easer for us if you size them and send them in jpeg format
  • - These can be of 6 works or 6 photos of one piece or any combination you like.
  • - The optimum size is 600 px in height or width or both.
  • - 6 works will be reduced to thumbnails for the linking page.  The size is 130 x 130 px
  • - photo of you.  This is optional.  The size is 130 x 130 px
  • - Let us know which works you want on the main page.  If you can't resize your photos we will do it for you.
  • Biography. - Here you can write whatever you like about yourself but it should be 200 words or less. We can accomidaate more information on a resume page.
  • Your contact information.- There are many sources you may want to employ.  The most important is your website.  If you don't have a website we are working with a programmer to design a inexpensive template which sculptors can use.  Please inquire. There are many other free sources you can use such as facebook, ficker and photobucket.

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